NESPA  2019-2020

Hot Lunch & Milk Program 

Dear Parents,

As most of you know, our hot lunch is provided by Kingswood University in Sussex and served to your children by our parent volunteers. Due to the increased enrollment this year, there is no longer a space available for the volunteers to serve it. The food will now be delivered pre-packaged so it will be easily distributed by staff at NES. Therefore, there will be an increase in price of 50 cents per meal to cover the extra packaging and the $20 delivery charge to the school. Pizza will still be offered from Pizza Shack on Fridays at the same price of $1 per slice. We look forward to providing hot lunch for your children this year.

Thank you,





Parents are welcome and encouraged to attend NESPA meetings. 

 For more information on how you can be involved in NESPA please contact the school.