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October 10: ​We will begin the week with an introduction to capitalization.  Each day this week, we'll work on a short capitalization exercise (proper nouns, titles, first word in a quotation, etc).  Then, click here for Shirley Jackson's short story, "Charles."  We will be looking at "Charles" to learn about what goes into developing characters in a short story​.

September 26: Today we are learning how to write a limerick​.

September 19: Click here for Robert Frost's poem, "Stopping by Woods."

September 18: Click here for Robert Currie's poem, "My Poems​."  

September 15: Click here for a definition of "fable" (this should already be in your notebook). Read this example of a simple fable about a robin who forgot what was important. Click here for some examples of morals/lessons you could use when writing your fable.

September 14: Click here for Ken Nesbitt's poem, "Falling Asleep in Class​."