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As our school mission statement emphasizes, we are a community school which promotes a learning environmentand we do this with the assistance of the resources, both human and material, in the rural communities near to us. With the volunteers, the support of our Village of Cambridge-Narrows, the many organizations and small businesses in our area, we are able to provide the elements for our students to become lifelong learners.
We are committed to providing the necessary skills to enable each one of our students to be successful. Whether it is through their participation in extra-curricular activities or co-curricular activities, we focus on preparing students to become responsible citizens and assisting them in reaching their highest potential. 

On behalf of staff and students C-NCS Mrs. Bruijns and I would like to wish you a wonderful school year filled with academic growth and enrichment opportunities. To parents, we welcome you to call or drop by at any time to visit and share your concerns about your child/children.