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January 15
Weekly What’s Up: January 15-19, 2018

That was quite the weather that we had on the weekend.  I hope everyone stayed warm and safe!  We are still in need of Kleenex.  If you are able to send a box it would be greatly appreciated.  Please remember that if your child has a fever or has been sick to their stomach they are to stay home from school for 24 hours, as per the school district policy.

We set individual and class resolutions last week.  We also brainstormed what we would like to have more of in 2018 and what we would like to have less of.  Writing a list for your household of more/less goals in 2018 would provide a great chance to practice writing!
I am sending home the January book order forms today.  You are now able to pay online if you wish!  I have included a letter that outlines to steps for placing an online order.  You will still need to send in the paper copy of your order form.  If you prefer to pay by cash or cheque, you may continue to do so.  Remember that every order you place earns free books for our classroom!
Happy birthday to Betul who will celebrate on the weekend.
Literacy:   Please remember to record the title of the book that your child reads each night. 
This week we will be working on brainstorming ideas for writing.  The winter slump can cause a case of writer’s block for many students.  Students continue to work on their personalized word work lessons with Words Their Way.  Our No Excuses words for this week are: away, did, how and like.  These are words that students should be able to read quickly and spell correctly.
Math:  This week’s numbers of the day will be 80-84.
Now that we’ve practiced measuring length using non-standard units (items in the classroom) we will be working on measuring the distance around things.  We will also be practicing relating addition and subtract facts with sums and differences less than 20.  When practicing at home encourage your child to use strategies such as counting on/counting back from the greater number, 10 partners and doubles. You can practice addition and subtraction at home with:
 Dice-  Give your child a number that is less than 20 and have them roll a die.  Get them to add or subtract that number from the given number.  You could also have them roll two dice and add or subtract the two numbers they roll.  Have them write down the 2 addition and 2 subtraction sentences (equations) they can make with 2 given numbers.
 Decks of cards- Flip two cards over and add or subtract those numbers.  You can add some competition by also flipping over your own cards.  The player who has the greatest total can earn a point.  You could also do it as the player with the lesser number earns the point (so it’s not always about being the greatest J).  You can increase the difficulty by letting your child decide if they should add or subtract the numbers to be able to earn the point for that round.
Dates to Remember
Monday, January 15: Hot lunch order forms go home, book orders go home
Tuesday, January 16:
Wednesday, January 17: Library Books due back
Thursday, January 18:
Friday, January 19:  Milk orders are due,  Book orders are due
                                    Northside Schools night at UNB VReds game
Have a wonderful week!
January 15
Good afternoon parents!
Here is what we are learning the grade 5 classroom...
French: We are continuing our study on clothing. This week, students will be working on an informal fashion show. Students will be required to bring in an outfit that they will describe during this event. I encourage lots of different articles of clothing (tie, sweater, skirt, pjs) so that the show will be varied.
*This fashion show will take place on Friday. Please have your student wear/bring their outfit on or before Friday. Students will complete the writing portion and receive further instruction on Tuesday/Wednesday.
Math: We are currently working on N8: Demonstrate an understanding of decimals. Students have shown an ability to read numbers involving decimals, up to the thousandth place. This week, we will work on adding and subtracting decimals. I have noticed that many students have difficulty with regrouping or subtracting across 0, so we will revisit this concept as well.
*I encourage parents to discuss the analogue clock. Most of the students ask the time regularly, and indicate they cannot remember how to read a clock. I have revisited this during a Math lesson, but as it isn't a grade 5 concept, we haven't been able to spend as much time on it as some students require, and they would benefit from further practice at home.
Important notes...
Homework: Until March break, I have enrolled my class in a program called "SUMDOG". I will monitor this instead of reading minutes (Students are still encouraged to read!) This is an online program, that teaches Math through games. Each student has their own individual log in and password, and I have sent home a parent letter as well as these login details.
*Students are expected to spend 20 minutes a night using this program. I can monitor student use through my computer, therefore nothing needs to be passed in each week. I will be able to easily see who is completing their homework. 
**All student info sheets have indicated that each students have access to the internet, but if there is an issue, please let me know and I can definitely arrange for students to complete their homework at school! This is a fun, interactive program that my classes have enjoyed in the past. The questions will also adjust in level of difficulty, as the student progresses through the "games".
Thank you for your continued support!!
Liz McCabe

January 14
A New Year has begun!

​​​We have ushered in the new year and the children are very excited about it! New birthdays! Ha ha. They were very excited to tell me about their holiday which transferred into them writing about it. Yay! I love to read their stories. We have a new student in grade 1! Welcome to Brookelynne!

Grade 1 has transitioned into working in small groups for math and they seem to like the new structure and all of the new games that we have to practice their skills. These groups allow me to work with two small groups every day. I think it is a wonderful way to work intensively on individual needs.

In writing we are working on expanding our stories to write more than 1 - 2 sentences as well as upper case letters to begin the sentence and ending punctuation.

We talked about what a noun is this week! Ask your child what a noun is and I bet they can tell you. We will expand to discovering verbs this week. 

I hope you have wonderful week!

Mrs. Penney

January 12
Great week in K!

We had an amazing week of learning and fun in K this week!  It's hard to believe that it is mid-January and I must admit, I am very thankful the cold snap has finally SNAPPED!  

The children settled in beautifully this week and were able to follow our classroom routines and expectations very well.  I am proud of them. 

Learning Outcomes this past week:

Math:  We have been working on knowing the number that comes after any number between 2-9 and have also been learning to count on from any number between 2 and 9.  Next week, we will move into learning the number that comes before any number between 2 and 10 as well as counting backwards from any number between 2 and 10.  In a few seconds, you can practice these skills at home or in the car by asking your child," What number comes before 7?  or Start at 4 and count to 8 etc...  Any extra opportunities your child has to practice these skills outside of school will certainly be beneficial for them, although, please remember to keep it fun and brief.  

Reading:   We focused on sight words here, are, on and began guided reading groups.  Our focus in reading has been tracking the print, using the pictures clues to help us decode unfamiliar words (Eagle Eye) and looking at the beginning sound in tricky words to see if that helps us.  (Lips the Fish). We have also practiced counting words in a sentence and knowing the difference between a letter and a word.  Next week, we will add 3 new sight words:  COME, ME, SAID and we will learn the "Stretchy Snake" reading strategy.  We will continue to work on reading behaviours we have been focusing on thus far. 

Writing:  We have worked hard on segmenting CVC words (consonant-vowel-consonant words such as DOG, BAT, PIG) and I have noticed some transfer of segmenting into the children's writing.  We have also begun using an alphabet card to help us know what letter to print when we are stuck on a sound.  The children are developing their writing stamina and have also continued to work on using spaces, punctuation and capital letters at the beginning of their sentences.  ​We will continue these skills over the next several weeks.  

Have an amazing weekend.  Please let me know if you ever have any questions or concerns.
January 08
Weekly What's Up

January 8-12, 2018

Happy 2018!!!  I hope everyone had a restful and enjoyable time over the holidays.  I’m looking forward to hearing about all the exciting things that happened during our break.
Happy birthday to Mila and Reese who celebrated birthdays during the break.
Cold season hit our class hard before Christmas and we have depleted our Kleenex supply.  If you are able to send in a box of Kleenex it would be greatly appreciated! 
Literacy:   Please remember to record the title of the book that your child reads each night. 
This week we will be writing about our Christmas break.  We will also be reflecting on 2017, learning about New Year’s resolutions and creating our own resolutions for 2018.  This is a great opportunity to talk to your child about what they do well and what they would like to improve on.
Math:  This week’s numbers of the day will be 75-79.
This week we will be reviewing what we learned about measurement before the break, how to show two digit numbers and our mental math 10 partners.  We will be practicing creating equal and unequal sets and recording our work using the equal/unequal symbols. 
Dates to Remember
Monday, January 8: Milk order forms go home (due Friday, Jan. 19)
Tuesday, January 9:
Wednesday, January 10: Library Books due back
                                             I will be at the school for a math PD session.  Students will have a supply for the morning.
Thursday, January 11: I will be out for the day.  If there are any changes regarding pick up or absences, please let Mrs. Yerxa know and she will notify my supply.  I will not be able to check my email.
Friday, January 12:  I will be out for the day.  If there are any changes regarding pick up or absences, please let Mrs. Yerxa know and she will notify my supply.  I will not be able to check my email.
 Have a wonderful week!
January 08
Good afternoon parents of the fabulous 5s!
I hope you had a wonderful Christmas. It's been a great morning, and we are getting back into routine. Here is what we are learning in the grade 5 classroom this week...
French: Students have learned how to describe what they are wearing. We have also begun to discuss what clothing is necessary during which season. By the end of this week, students will create a weather report. As we did not get to finish our menus before Christmas, students are also working on this project, and will discuss how to order at a restaurant (in French).
Math: Students are working on long division (3 digit by 1 digit), and will work with remainders this week. Students will also learn about decimals, and how to read decimals properly.
Here are some important notes...
New bell schedule: A reminder that there is a new bell schedule. Playground supervision begins at 7:50, and the 1st bell rings at 8:10. Instruction begins at 8:20. Thank you for your help in having students here for the 1st bell! Dismissal remains the same.
Clothing: It is wonderful to see students coming to school in snow pants, warm coats and other winter gear. A suggestion would be to send extra socks/mittens, as students often come in with wet clothing after being outside.
Lunch: I have noticed that many students approach me each day mentioning that their snack/lunch wasn't enough and they are still hungry, or that they don't have a lunch with them. Please don't hesitate to contact me privately if lunches/snacks are an issue.
Milk order forms: All students were present today, and milk order forms were sent home. I also sent home January's book order, due January 26th!
Homework: Homework will begin next Monday!
Thank you for your continued support!!
Liz McCabe

January 08
Week at a Glance January 8-12

Week At A Glance January 8-12, 2018                                                         Grade ¾ Classroom

Dear Parent/Guardian,

Welcome back from a lovely Christmas Break. Welcome to 2018! As we welcome back students, I’m excited to hear all about favorite presents and favorite holiday moments :) This week, please watch for completed worksheets in Communication Bags; these can be kept at home. Please see below for an explanation of what we will be working on this week in each subject area.

All grade 3 students are now working on multiplication facts; please look for the yellow study sheet in Communication Bags.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact me at shaneen.coes@nbed.nb.ca, or call 453-5422 to schedule a meeting.


Mrs. Coes

Important Dates

Monday, January 8- Milk order forms go home

Tuesday- Great Canadian Bagel hot lunch

Friday, January 12- Leo Hayes Clubs




The homework assigned is an extension of class instruction and meant for extra practice. Completed activities can be kept at home. However, if there is an activity you would like to share with me, please do so.  I will be checking reading logs throughout the week.

Reading- read aloud (even to yourself!) for 20 minutes each night. Complete the reading log each night. Remember to have it signed. Talk to your parents about what you are reading at school this week and what your current reading level is.

Word Work- Students will continue the Words Their Way program next week.

Numeracy- Practice math facts each night and have someone quiz you if possible. All grade 3 students are now working on multiplication facts; please look for the yellow study sheet in Communication Bags. Practice estimating and measuring items around your home, using cm and a ruler. Grade 3-Practice addition and subtraction of 2 and 3 digit numbers. Grade 4- Practice addition and subtraction of 3 and 4 digit numbers.



Areas of Focus for January 8-12, 2018

Writing- This week, students will begin their exploration of the genre of BIOGRAPHY. Students will work in pairs to research a famous person and prepare a Biography Project to share with the class. All work will be completed during class time.

Reading- Students will participate in Guided Reading groups based on their reading level. In our small groups, we will be learning more about how to read for information, and identifying the main idea in text.

Word Work- Students will continue the Words Their Way program next week.

Numeracy- This week we continue to investigate Addition and Subtraction.  In grade 3 this week, students will continue their focus on using strategies for addition/subtraction of 2 and 3 digit numbers. Students in grade 4 will continue to practice addition/subtraction of 3 and 4 digit numbers. All students will also review place value: Grade 3- to 1 000; Grade 4- to 10 000, and begin to explore fractions.

Science- This week we are learning about Structures and Materials. Students will explore what makes a strong structure, how a foundation works, and the parts of a building.

Personal Wellness- Students will complete activities that teach them more about how personal habits can contribute to improved health.


Useful Homework Websites

Please see previous Week At A Glance Postings on the school website for full list of sites.



December 21
Christmas Fun

It is hard to believe that Christmas has finally arrived. The children have been very excited for the past few weeks as we have been counting down to Christmas Eve.  We have done a variety of Christmas themed math, literacy and art activities. 

I hope you will all enjoy a wonderful break and that your homes will be filled with peace, love and joy, not only at this season, but all year through. 

Please enjoy a sample of photos from the past few weeks.

Moco Christmas Dinner


Gingerbread Houses with Learning Buddies


Pancake Breakfast


December 21
Time for a Break!

​​Well, the Christmas Break is almost upon us...just one more day, well a 1/2 day really. We dismiss tomorrow (Friday) at 11:00 am. The children ar just buzzing with excitement and it's hard to contain it. :)

We have worked on some new math games, working in groups cooperatively, some on technology, in math journals and with Ms. Thomas, our K-2 math lead. 

The children seemed to enjoy the Christmas-themed activities we did for both literacy and math this week.

I hope that you have a wonderful couple of weeks with your children. Have a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. See you on January 8, 2018!

Cheryll Penney​

December 19
Week at a Glance December 18-22

Grade ¾ Week at a Glance- December 18-22


Dear Parent/Guardian,

Can you believe that this is the last week before Christmas holidays? Our MOCO Christmas dinner was another huge hit! The students truly enjoyed themselves, along with the staff. It was also wonderful to see so many family members here for our Christmas concert. Thank you for coming to support your child!

-Mrs. Coes



This Week Important Dates

Tuesday December 19  - Great Canadian Bagel. Intramurals.

Wednesday December 20   - Student Christmas Shopping Spree; return gifts you selected from the Christmas Angel Tree today

Thursday December 21 – Christmas PJ day! Pancake Breakfast provided for all students. Yoga. Pizza Twice. 

Friday December 22– Last day of school before Christmas break. Dismissal at 11:00am


Math- students are learning lots of new and exciting math games all related to Christmas. We will continue to focus on adding and subtracting 2,3 and 4 digit numbers as we explore these new games. Students will also complete a differentiated Christmas Budget activity, using the flyers and catalogues that were sent in.


Literacy- Students are working hard on writing thoughtful Christmas cards and letters to family and friends. We will also be exploring two different Christmas-themed Reader’s Theatre scripts, as we work in small groups to complete this activity.​

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