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October 17
Gr. 8 Day Trip - Timber Top & Irving Nature Park

Please see the attached  updated information for the Gr. 8 trip to Saint John on October 26th.
All Gr. 8 families must detach and return the permission portion of the slip. All students will attend but may choose whether or not to participate in the Timbre Top portion of the day.
Cashless Schools can be accessed on our school website, using the "Make a Payment" button in the navigation bar or through this link:
We apologize for any confusion caused as the wrong form was sent home with students yesterday.
October 17
Weekly Announcements, October 16, 2018

Good afternoon! This is Ms. McGrath contacting you with the weekly messages for RVMS. If you would like to receive a talk-mail version of this message please contact me at the school.
I would once again, like to remind families to register with the new Cashless Schools program. Moving forward all payments for trips and activities will be done using this program. Go to the school website at and click on the “Make A Payment” tab to set up your account.
Also on our website is information about our “Safe Arrivals” program which lets you call or e-mail absences for your child directly to the program so that you will not receive reminder calls if your child is absent from school.
Picture retakes are due back at the school this Thursday, October 18th. Please return any orders along with the proof sheet.
We have a fall dance scheduled for this Thursday, October 19th. The dance runs from 6-8 pm and there is a $5 entrance fee. Students must dress appropriately for school by following the school dress code and they must bring a pair of indoor shoes with them to the dance. There is no access to the locker area during school dances so we have been reminding them daily to bring their shoes. Chef Frank will have a canteen available.
Also, I want to remind all families that students who are not at school are not eligible to participate in after school activities including sports and dances. Partial day absences are allowed for medical appointments only and a note from the Dr. will be requested.
Information will be available soon regarding the Gr. 8 Quebec Trip. We have a parent information sessions scheduled for next Wednesday, October 24th at 6:00 in our Theatre. Information packets will be sent home with students, sent by e-mail and posted on the school website.
 Our Ski Club is checking the weather for snow! This activity is for students interested in participating in Ski or SnowBoard lessons at Poley Mountain. This runs for 6 weeks in January and February. Stay tuned in the coming weeks for more information!
Looking forward we have a crazy hat day scheduled for Halloween, October 31st. For a donation of one dollar, students may wear any hat for the entire school day…can’t wait to see some of the crazy creations! All funds raised will be sent to the Canadian Red Cross Disaster Relief Fund.
Finally, I wanted to speak with you about cellphones. Many students are struggling with accessing and sending and receiving very inappropriate texts and pictures. If you are providing your child with a cellphone please considering monitoring usage and speak to them about inappropriate texts and messages. I have attached an information packet called “Sex + Text = Trouble” which may provide you with some talking points to begin a discussion with your child.
Some upcoming important dates:
Oct 18                   Fall Dance 6-8 pm
Oct 24                   Gr. 8 Quebec Trip Info Session 6:00 pm
Oct 26                   Gr. 8 Trip to Timbre Top
Oct 29                   ASAP # 2 begins
Oct 31                   Crazy Hat Day ($1 to the Red Cross)
Nov 8                    School Remembrance Day Assemblies
Nov 9                    No School for Students (PD for Staff)
Nov 12                  No School (Remembrance Day)
If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me at the school.
Thank you and good evening!
October 09
Weekly Announcements, October 9th, 2018

Hello! This is Ms. McGrath contacting you with the weekly announcements for Raiders and their families.
We have a short but busy week ahead of us here at the school. Today and tomorrow we are being visited by the “Code Mobile”. All of our students will be getting a chance to learn more about computer programming. If you are interested, you can check out their website at:
Thursday is picture retake day at RVMS. Students who were absent, or those who have a returned proof with parent signature will be called down for retakes in the morning. If your child is having a retake, please return the order form, with the proof included, as soon as possible. Photography Flewwelling with likely be looking to pick up the orders next week.
Friday is Gr.  7 Immunization day with all Gr. 7 students being offered DPt and HPV vaccinations. Families of Gr. 7 students are reminded to encourage their child to eat a good breakfast on Friday and to wear short sleeves or sleeves that can easily be rolled up.
I did want to remind families that, if your child is going to be absent, you should enter the absence in our Safe Arrivals program. This will stop the system from calling you to tell you that your child is absent because the system will recognize that you have acknowledged the absence.
Safe Arrivals.jpg
 It is also a good idea to go to our website and register your child for “Cashless Schools”. Simply click on the “Make a Payment” button on the black navigation bar and it will walk you through the registration process. You can even set the system to notify you when an item has become available for your child that requires a payment. The District is moving towards an online only payment system for all school fees and purchases. In the upcoming weeks we will be posting the Gr. 8 trip payments, Ski Club payments and basketball team payments to the “Cashless Schools” system and we will not be taking cash payments for these items.
Here is a list of upcoming events at RVMS:
Oct 9 & 10            Code Mobile at RVMS
Oct 11                   Picture Retakes
Oct 12                   Gr. 7 Immunization 9:00
Oct 18                   Fall Dance 6-8 pm (note new date)
Oct 24                   Gr. 8 Quebec Info Meeting for Families 6:00
Oct 29                   ASAP # 2 begins
Nov 9                    PD for Teachers/No School for Students
Nov 12                  Remembrance Day – No School
As always, please feel free to contact me at the school at 738-6511 or by e-mail at
Have a great week!
October 02
Gr. 7 Immunization Information & Forms 2018

​All Grade 7 students will receive their immunization on the morning of Friday, October 12th.

Please return all completed forms no later than Friday, October 5th.

Remember to wear clothing with loose fitting sleeves or a second layer that can be removed.

Remember to eat a good breakfast that morning!

More information for Families:


2018 - Consent form Grade 7 (Tdap - HPV)_EN.pdf2018 - Consent form Grade 7 (Tdap - HPV)_EN.pdf





October 02
Weekly Announcements, October 2, 2018

Hello! Today is Tuesday, October 2nd and this is Ms. McGrath contacting you with a few announcements.
As I mentioned last week, the entire school will be participating in “Sweet Caroline” presentations this week. This is a program to promote allergy awareness and is being presented to all Gr. 6-12 students in ASD-S. To help promote this, we are asking staff and students to wear purple to school this Thursday to show their support.
We are still looking to collect some student fees. You can pay online by going to the school website and clicking on the “Cashless Schools” information or you may send in cash or cheque to the school office. Please support our school by paying this fee if you have not already done so.
Also next week, Photography Flewwelling will be returning for retakes. This is scheduled for Thursday, October 11th. Only students who returned their original picture with a parent signature indicating a request for retakes, or those who were absent on Picture Day, will participate.
Gr. 7 families will already be aware that all Gr. 7 students will receive the first of two immunizations next Friday, October 12th. The Province of NB provides this immunization to all Gr. 7 students in the province. For more information, please refer to the brochures attached to this message.
A few upcoming dates:
Oct4th                    Purple Day for Allergy Awareness
Oct 8th                   Thanksgiving (No School)
Oct 9th & 10th      Code Mobile at RVMS
Oct 11th                  Picture Retake Day
Oct 12th                 Gr. 7 Immunization
Oct 18th                 Fall Dance 6-8 pm
As always, this information is also posted on our website and you may contact us at any time if you have any questions. General inquiries at 738-6500 and specific concerns to me at or, to my direct line, 738-6511
Thank you and good evening!
September 25
Weekly Announcements, September 25, 2018

Parent Info Letter - 2018-2019.docxParent Info Letter - 2018-2019.docx


Hello! Today is Tuesday, September 25th and this is Ms. McGrath calling with a few messages for Raiders and their families.
I have attached a letter outlining emergency procedures. Please review this letter which contains very important information for families and is also posted on the main page of our website. Teachers are also reviewing our Emergency Procedures with students.
We have had a few questions about dropping off/picking up students at RVMS so I have a few notes for you:   
-students cannot be dropped off before 7:55 in the morning; they should also not be left waiting at the rink before this time as there are no teachers on duty to monitor them. Regular school hours are 8:40-3:10 and students are expected to be available to attend during those hours.
-when families are dropping off their children in the morning, or picking them up at dismissal, they should not enter the “school side” of the traffic circle. We recommend parking either at the parking lot near the Zamboni doors at the rink (soccer field side of the school) or in the lower parking lot at the Epworth Park entrance to the school.
-when families are dropping off or picking up students during the school day, as this is outside of bus loading times, they may come up to the school and park in that area but be aware that your car will not be able to move at any time when buses are present.
We are still looking to collect student fees from about 65 students. Our fees cover the cost of your child’s agenda, an annual trip to the Imperial Theatre and other student events and activities at the school. We do not ask families to participate in any fundraising for the school but we do need this student fee to fund our activities and ask that you send in this fee if you have not already done so.
School Pictures were on Monday and your child should have brought home the proof sheet. Photography Flewwelling will be picking up the picture orders on Monday, October 1st so please return your orders by that time. If you require a retake, you must return the proof and indicate that you would like a retake on October 11th when the photographers return.
All Middle and High School students in the District will be viewing a video title “Caroline’s Story” and learning about allergies, anaphylaxis and what to do in these emergency situations. If you would like to preview the video you will find the link in the email version of this message and posted on the school website at:
Finally, my PSSC has suggested that we move to an e-mail only version of this weekly message…and I am happy to oblige. This means that you won’t have your phone tied up and have to listen to my voice each week. Beginning next week, this will be an e-mail only message. If you want to continue to receive the phone message version, please contact me here at the school.
That is all for this week. As always, you can reach the school at 738-6500 or my direct line at 738-6511, or e-mail me at at any time. Information is also available at our website at
Thank you and good evening!
September 18
Weekly Messages, September 18, 2018

River Valley Middle School Sports Policy 2015-2016.docxRiver Valley Middle School Sports Policy 2015-2016.docxRVMS Player Information form Revised 2018.docxRVMS Player Information form Revised 2018.docxSports Fee Sept 2018.docSports Fee Sept 2018.doc


Hello! Today is Tuesday, September 18th and this is Ms. McGrath calling with a few messages for all Raiders and their families.
Our school picture day is scheduled for next Monday, Sept 24th. Photography Flewwelling will be providing this service for RVMS once again this year. Gr. 8 students often choose to wear white shirts as their pictures will be on the composite in the hallway in June 2019. Other students are encouraged to wear bright colours without logos or busy patterns, and of course all clothing should meet the school dress code.
If your child participates in varsity sports this year, they will be required to have you sign our sports policy as well as a form that acknowledges that school sports from K-8, are not insured against injury. A copy is attached to the e-mail version of this memo and posted on the website for your information.
Our student agenda contains a lot of information for families about our cellphone policy, dress code etc. Please remind your child about these expectations regularly.
Specifically this week we have struggled with several students who are not respecting the cellphone policy.  Students should not be sharing inappropriate messages or pictures, should not be taking photos or videos at school with their phones and should use them only at approved times. Failure to meet these expectations will result in your child losing their cellphone privileges at school; please encourage them to use their phones responsibly and appropriately at school.
Also, if you need to contact your child during the school day, remember that they cannot have their phones during class time even if their parents are the ones contacting them. Emergency contact with your child should always be made through the school office.
We seem to have worked out most of the kinks with our buses. Families are reminded that students are only allowed on their assigned bus and can only be picked up or dropped off at their home address or, if they have applied for a change, at an approved address. Students cannot simply bring a note from home and be placed on a friend’s bus or change their bus information or choose to go on a different bus from their assigned bus.
Lastly, the RCMP have asked me to remind families that helmets are required when riding a bike in New Brunswick and the detachment will be monitoring this more closely. As well, the Constable asked if we could remind families that the rink is not open to students after school and the skate park is not supervised. Please keep that in mind when monitoring your child’s whereabouts after school.
That is all for this week!
As always, please feel free to contact me if you have any questions.
Thank you and good evening!
September 14
Thank you!

Picture Day Info.jpgPicture Day Info.jpg

Good morning Raider Families!
Thank you so much for the wonderful turnout we had at our Open House last evening! We really appreciate your support and we hope you enjoyed touring our campus and mingling with staff!
I also wanted to attach a copy of the information flyer from Photography Flewwelling in case you didn’t get a chance to grab one on your way out.
School Picture day is Monday, September 24th.
For Gr. 8 parents in particular, I wanted to let you know that the Gr. 8 students traditionally wear a white shirt or a white shirt and tie for their Gr. 8 photo. This photo will be included in the Gr. 8 composite in June 2019 and will be displayed in the main hallway. This is not required for Gr. 8, you may wear whatever you choose, but I thought parents may want to be on the lookout for white shirts before next weekend.
For Gr. 6 & 7 the photographers suggest wearing bright colours without large pictures, logos or busy prints and designs.
Thank you once again for your support!
Have a wonderful weekend!
September 11
Weekly Messages Sept 11, 2018

Hello! Today is Tuesday, September 11th and this is Ms. McGrath calling with the weekly announcements for Raiders and their families.
Our annual Open House and Meet the Teacher evening is scheduled for this week, Thursday, September 13th from 6:00-7:30 pm. We will all meet in the Theatre for brief introductions, a short video and some information about our Parent/School Support Committee (PSSC). Families are then free to enjoy a corn boil at our outdoor classroom, tour the school with their child and chat with teachers. The teachers do not have any formal meetings scheduled at this time but will be available throughout the building for “meet and greet”
We do have a few openings on our PSSC this school year. If you are interested, please send me an e-mail with your name, your child’s name and your contact information. If we have many responses, we will have an election booth set up near the front door on Thursday evening, if we have only a few, an election will not be necessary and we will simply add your name to the committee.
Our first round of ASAP activities has begun. The schedule is posted on our website under the “About Us” tab on the black navigation bar near the top of the page. There may be a few changes to the soccer activities once we receive the District game schedule and I will post an updated version then.
We continue to work through the “kinks” in the new Cashless Schools Payment program and with our Safe Arrivals automated calling system. We thank you for your patience with these new items. There is more information on the school website if needed.
Chef Frank’s cafeteria service is up and running. His service is “a la carte” and changes from day to day. He continues to add to his menu to meet the new Nutrition policy. Generally each day sees a homemade pasta entrée, salads, wraps, water and milk with no item more than $5.
We also have four microwaves available for student use but families are reminded that students need to bring their own utensils if they are bringing packed lunches. I have suggested to several students that they may want to buy a package of plastic spoons or forks and keep those in their locker to use when needed. I know it sounds like a small thing but with over 300 students, it is just not possible to provide those items to all students.
We are happy to have the Grand Bay-Westfield Annual Terry Fox Walk on our school track this Sunday from 1:00-3:00 pm. All are welcome to drop in and participate at any time during the walk.
I wanted to include a list of upcoming important dates:
Sept 13                 Open House (6:00-7:30)
Sept 16                 Grand Bay Terry Fox Walk at River Valley Middle School Track (1:00-3:00)
Sept 20                 School Bus Safety at RVMS
Sept 24                 School Picture Day
Oct 2                      Custodian Appreciation Day
Oct 8                      Thanksgiving (No School)
Oct 11                   Picture Retake Day (only for absentees or by parent request on original picture form)
Oct 12                   Gr. 7 Immunization
As always, if you have any pressing questions or concerns, please feel free to call me on my direct line at 738-6511 or at Other questions can be directed to the main line at 738-6500. There is also lots of information on our website at
Thank you and good evening!
September 09
Safe Arrivals & Cashless Schools


Good evening Raider Families! This is Ms. McGrath calling with a few quick messages for all families.
Our school district has implemented a few changes this year that will affect you.
1. Tomorrow, Monday, September 10th the district will launch their “safe arrivals” calling system. This system contacts all families who have a child absent each day and requests a response from you to ensure that you are aware of the absence.
This program will also allow you to respond before an absence to let the school know that your child will be absent for an illness or appointment, or any other reason.
The system will use the contact information from June and we will begin to update student information using the forms returned to us last week.
It is important that you take a look at the attachment I am adding to the e-mail version of this message to access the app, website or toll-free number parents can use. The information will also be posted on our website under “Raider News” and the “About Us” tab near the top of the page.
2. As mentioned last week, the district has also introduced an online payment system for student fees and other school items. We had a few glitches last week but it is working well now. You can access this through the school website by clicking on the “Make a Payment” button. If you register, you will also be notified of any future items linked to your child. There is a small transaction fee for online payments. Currently we are collecting our student fee which pays for agendas, at least one bus trip for each student and all of our ASAP activities. There is no other fund raising required at RVMS so I ask all families who are able to please make this payment.
Thank you and good evening.
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