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September 15
September 15 - Message to Families

​ September 15, 2021

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 Good afternoon! This is Ms. McGrath with a few messages for all Raiders and their families.

 First, we want to congratulate all of our Raiders on an amazing first week of school. With so much to learn the   first week of school, and then a change to mask rules, our RAIDERS showed true GRIT and handled   it all with kindness and positivity! Thank you RAIDERS!

 New Covid procedures in schools require students to have their mask on indoors at all times except when eating   or participating in gym. This is currently scheduled to be in place for next week as well and will be reviewed   by the province on Sept 27.

 If your child is feeling unwell, please consider keeping them at home. If your child has two or more Covid   symptoms, they must stay home and should be tested by public health. The symptoms reference   card is attached here:     Covid Symptom Sheet.docxCovid Symptom Sheet.docx

 A few notices and reminders:

 1. All forms that were sent home last week should be returned by this Friday, September 17. Electronic copies          are attached to last week’s message and can be found in the “Raider News” section of our website.

 2. Student fees are $35 for the year. We do not do any fundraising so this fee goes to support many events,              awards and ASAP activity period. I am happy to report that over 60% of families have already paid their                fee this year.

        Fees can be paid on cashless schools, which can be accessed from our website. Look for the “Make a                    Payment” tab. This is also the site we use for yearbook, sport fees, trips, etc. 

 3. We also have a tab on the website for “Raider Clothing”. You can order t-shirts, hoodies, gym pants, hats              etc. and items are shipped directly to your home. Check it out…great holiday gift ideas! 

 4. Our new ASAP schedule is attached and is posted on our website. We are working with the District to                    provide an early bus run for students who are not staying for ASAP. This run should be available next week            but will only be for students living in the Grand-Bay Westfield area. There is no early bus available for                  outlying areas.      ASAP 1.docxASAP 1.docx    

 5. Many students are enjoying the use of the microwaves in the cafeteria however; many are forgetting to                bring utensils. We do not provide forks & spoons for student lunches so please remember to pack these                items. Some families simply provide a pack from the $$ store that your child can keep in their locker or                lunchbox.

 As always, if you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact me at   or, on my direct line at 738-6511. The main line for RVMS is 738-6500.

Upcoming Important Dates:

Sept 17 Deadline - Forms for Parent Signature returned to school

Sept 24 Picture Day at RVMS

Sept 30 Orange Shirt Day

Sept 30 Day of Truth & Reconciliation – Raider Time Activity

Oct 11 Thanksgiving (No School)

Oct 12 Picture Retake Day


September 14
Covid Update from Minister of Education & Early Childhood

 Tuesday, Sept 14, 2021

 For the next two weeks, students will wear their masks at all times while in school except   when they are eating or in the gym participating in physical activity.

 The following message was sent to all parents on Monday evening, September 13: 

2021-09-13 Letter to Parent-Guardian - Wearing Masks to Schoool.pdf2021-09-13 Letter to Parent-Guardian - Wearing Masks to Schoool.pdf

September 08
Homework for Families

Hello Raider Families!!

We had a wonderful two days here at RVMS! We are so proud of our Raiders! I do have a few “Homework” items for families:

  1. Students will be bringing home a student contact sheet. Please check this closely and make any necessary changes in your contact information.
  2. Students will also bring home a form asking you to review our student handbook and agree to locker use. The student handbook is attached to this e-mail and is posted on the school website at             Attachment: RVMS - Agenda Handbook 2021-2022 - Tentative.docx 
  3. Two other forms require parent/guardian signatures. One form allows is the media release and the other allows students to use computers at school.   
  4. Our student fee is $35. We do not do any fundraising at RVMS so this fee covers activities, awards etc. each year. This must be paid online using our Cashless Schools payment system. You can access this by clicking on the “make a payment” button on the school website.
  5. ASAP activities have begun but we currently do not have “early” buses that allow students to leave instead of attending ASAP. We hope to have these set up by next week. Regular buses, or “late” buses, leave the school after ASAP. Most buses depart between 3:10 and 3:30.
  6. Please do not text your child during the school day and do not encourage them to text you during class time. If you need to reach your child during class, you can contact the main office. If there is an emergency, or if you are picking your child up for an appointment, the office must be your first point of contact.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me at the school at or on my direct line at 738-6511. General inquiries can be made at the main office number, 738-6500.

Electronic versions of the forms requiring signature are attached:

Locker Use & Agenda Review 2021.docx 

Media Release Form 2021.docx 

Policy 311 Appendix C - Computer Use 2021.docx ​

September 03
First Day of School Information - Sept 3

Good afternoon!

This is Ms. McGrath with a few reminders for the first days of school. I know many of you, especially our Gr. 6 parents, are concerned but there will be teachers outside beginning at 7:55 to help your child get their bearings. Please note:

1. Students cannot be dropped off before 7:55

2. Parents dropping off students should park in one of the lower parking lots. Please do not enter the traffic circle as this is the bus loading zone.

3. The regular buses do not leave the school until 3:20 (as school hours go to 3:10).

For the first week of school, there are no early buses so bus students will stay for ASAP the first week.

4. There are also no "early" buses (2:35 dismissal before ASAP) for students living on the Kingston Peninsula, Welsford, Brown's Flat, Clarendon etc. Those students stay for ASAP each day.

5. If you want to know information about your child's bus, please go to the ASD-S website and click on "TRANSPORTATION". Transportation is organized by the District and there are often some errors...don't worry, we will work to get your child on the correct bus. 

We are very excited to meet all of our new Raiders on Tuesday and to get reacquainted with our Gr. 7 & 8 Raiders on Wednesday.

Have a great weekend!

Ms. McGrath

August 31
Welcome Back!

Hello! I know you are all getting so excited to come back to school! Teachers arrived yesterday and they are hard at work setting up your classrooms!

We will have class lists ready on Thursday if you are curious about your Homeroom teacher....but I do want to remind our new Gr. 6 Raiders that you will have multiple teachers each day for different subjects.

Gr. 6 will arrive next Tuesday, September 7 and we will meet you and help you find your way around. Don' worry, we have never lost a Gr. 6 student on the first day!

All students, Gr. 6, 7 & 8 will be in the building beginning Wednesday, September 8. 

Remember school hours are 8:40-3:10...and yes, we are planning for a return of After School Activity Period (ASAP).

I have attached a "cheat sheet" of info for families to this e-mail and it will also be posted on our website under "Raider News"

You can always check us out on the website at or on Twitter @RVMiddle.

As always, if you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact your Principal, Ms. McGrath, at or by calling the school at 738-6500.

See you soon!      Quick Reference Guide for Students & Families 2021.docx 

June 30
Final Message for Families - June 30, 2021

​Good afternoon. This is a message from RVMS for all Raiders and their families.

The school office is now closed for the summer and will reopen on August 26, 2021.

A school calendar for the 2021-2022 school year is attached to this message and posted on the school website under “Raider News”

Information on your child’s Homeroom Teacher for the 2021-22 school year will be available the week before students return. Please call the school’s main line at 738-6500 for inquiries any time after noon on Tuesday, August 31

Gr. 6 students will return on Tuesday, September 7, 2021. 

All students, Gr. 6-8 will be at school on Wednesday, September 8, 2021.

We want to thank all of our Raiders, and their families. You showed true grit and determination during this most difficult of all school years. 

As our Province moves toward lifting of the Covid restrictions, we look forward to a return to RVMS activities, sports, clubs and dances next school year! It will be the best year ever!

Have a wonderful summer!

Ms. McGrath

School Calendar  for Families - 2021-2022.pdfSchool Calendar for Families - 2021-2022.pdf

June 24
June 24 - Message for Families

Good evening, this is an important message for all Raiders and their families.

Tomorrow, Friday, June 25 is a full day of school for students.

Report Cards are not issued until 9:30 a.m.

Parents who have requested electronic copies of Report Cards should begin to receive e-mails tomorrow afternoon.

If, for some reason, families choose to have their child leave early tomorrow, there are only two options available:

     1. As for any other time during the school year, families may come to the school, buzz  the doorbell or call the main office and have their child sent out to their vehicle.

      2. Families may provide a written note to the teacher to dismiss their child if they wish their child to have permission to leave school before the regular school day at        2:40. E-mails and phone calls will not be accepted.

We will not have the ability to track e-mails and phone messages for  students tomorrow morning. A written note, given to the Homeroom Teacher is the only way a child can leave school early without a parent.

I will be sending one more parent message early next week with information for the return to school in the fall.

Thank you for your continued support of RVMS.

Ms. T. McGrath

June 21
June 21 - Message for Families

​ Good afternoon! This is a message for all Raiders and their families. Today is Monday, June 21, 2021.

 I wanted to send one last message with some information for our last week of school and our return in September. 

1. Because of the upcoming weather forecast for tomorrow, we completed our Gr. 6 closing assembly today. This is our schedule for students for the remainder of the week. We are running a special schedule, which moves our lunches a bit later but allows for an “assembly/activity block from 1:40-2:30 each day.

Gr. 8 students will attend a modified version of our regular Gr. 8 closing, in the gym. Gr. 8 students will be called up individually to receive their certificate, a school pin, a yearbook and a copy of the Gr. 8 composite. There will be no charge for these items. (This may take all afternoon 12:55-2:30)

                Monday, June 21 - Gr 6 Closing & Gr. 7 & 8 Classroom/Team Activities 

Tuesday, June 22 - Whole-School Bingo & Treats

Wednesday, June 23 - Gr. 7 Closing & Gr. 6 & 8 Classroom/Team Activities

Thursday, June 24 - Gr. 8 Closing & Gr. 6 & 7 Classroom Activities

Friday, June 25 -Homeroom Activities & Report Cards

2. Report Cards will not be issued before Friday, June 25 at 9:30 a.m.

Some students may, with a signed note from a parent (phone calls or e-mails will not be accepted), may be able to pick up their Report Cards and leave school early beginning at 9:30 but a full day of school for students is scheduled for that day. 

If your child is not able to attend school and receive their Report Card on Friday, June 25 you may:

-e-mail Ms. McGrath at to request an electronic copy. These can only be sent to the parent e-mail we have on file for your child.

-pick up your child’s Report Card at the school office on Monday, June 28 or Tuesday, June 29.

All remaining report cards will be kept in the school office until September.

3. School supply lists for 2021-22 will be sent home as an enclosure in your child’s Report Card. This list will also be posted on the school website.

4. Student fees can be paid online by clicking the “Make a Payment” tab on our school website at, beginning on August 1, 2021. The fee is $35/student and covers lock and locker rental and awards and activities throughout the school year.

5. The school office will close on Tuesday, June 29 and reopen on Wednesday, August 26.

6. The first day for Gr. 6 students will be Tuesday, September 7. All student Gr. 6, 7 & 8 will attend beginning Wednesday, September 8. Gr. 9 students will receive notification about start dates from their respective High Schools.

7. Important Dates:

June 21 Gr. 6 Closing (Gym) – Block 6

June 22 School-wide activity Gr. 6-8 – Block 6

June 22 Gr. 7 & 8 Classroom/Team Activity – Block 6

June 23 Gr. 7 Closing (Gym) – Block 6

June 23 Gr. 6 & 8 Classroom/Team Activity – Block 6

June 24 Gr. 8 Closing (Gym) – Block 5 & 6

June 24 Gr. 6 & 7 Block 6 – Classroom/Team Activity

June 25 Report Cards beginning at 9:30 am

June 25 Last day for Students and EAs

June 29         School building closes for the summer

Aug 26 School Office Opens

Aug 30 Teachers 

Sept 6 Labour Day (No School)

Sept 7 Gr. 6 Students only

Sept 8 All Students Gr. 6-8

As always, we thank you for your support. Have a wonderful summer!   School Supply List 2021-2022.docxSchool Supply List 2021-2022.docx

Ms. T. McGrath

June 10
June 11 - Message for Grade 8

​Today is Friday, June 11 and this is an important message for all Grade 8 Raiders and their families.

As I am sure you are aware, Covid protocols have necessitated changes to the way schools celebrate their students during year-end closing ceremonies. After much discussion, RVMS has come up with a plan that we feel best supports our students and meets Covid protocols.

Unfortunately, this means that families will not be present at any of our year-end events. I know that this is a change, but our focus is around having a celebration that our students can enjoy and share with their peers.

As you know from my e-mail to families yesterday, we have activities planned for each day during the last week of school. 

The Gr. 8 closing on Thursday, June 24 will be a little longer and bigger than our other celebrations allowing the Gr. 8 students to celebrate their time as a Raider, all together, for the last time.

-All Gr. 8 classes will meet in the gym (maintaining their bubbles)

-We will have music and the school cheer (wearing masks)

-We will award Raider Code Awards to students from each Gr. 8 class

-Every Grade 8 will also be called up, individually to receive:

-an RVMS Certificate of Completion of Gr. 8

-an RVMS pin

-a gr. 8 yearbook

-a copy of the Gr. 8 composite (the annual picture you see framed in our hallways)

No special clothing is required but students are more than welcome to dress up for this event.

It is our hope that we will be able to film this event, and have it posted on our website for families.

As always, if you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact me at or, on my direct line, at 738-6511. General inquiries should go to the main office phone at 738-6500.

Thank you for your continued support.

Ms. McGrath

June 10
June 10 - Messages to Families

Good afternoon Raider Families! Today is Thursday, June 10 and we have a few messages to share with all Raiders and their families.

Remember you can also check up on current info on our website at  

or follow us on Twitter @RVMiddle.

I am always surprised when people tell me “Things must be winding down at school now that it is June”. June is one of the busiest months of our year with report cards, student events, closing activities and preparations for next year’s students all happening at once!!

1. For our last week of school, we have events planned for the last hour of the day with draws and surprises sprinkled throughout the day.

Due to Covid restrictions, there are no events that are open to families or the community and each event will see classes strictly adhering to Covid protocols. The order of event Mon-Weds  may      change dependent on weather.

Monday, June 21 - Whole School Activity 

Tuesday, June 22 - Gr 6 Closing & Gr. 7 & 8 Classroom/Team Activities

Wednesday, June 23 - Gr. 7 Closing & Gr. 6 & 8 Classroom/Team Activities

Thursday, June 24 - Gr. 8 Closing & Gr. 6 & 7 Classroom Activities

Friday, June 25 -Homeroom Activities & Report Cards

**Please note that, at this time, Friday, June 25 is a full day of school. 

Students may not leave school mid-day without a signed note from a parent.

2. Report Cards are not issued until the last day of school. Students who are absent on the last day of school can pick up report cards on Monday, June 28 or Tuesday, June 29. Unclaimed Report Cards will be held at the school office until September. No Report Cards are mailed.

Families can request an electronic copy be sent to them by e-mailing Ms. McGrath from the same e-mail address we have on file in your child’s contact information.

As always, if you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact me at or, on my direct line, at 738-6511. General inquiries should go to the main office phone at 738-6500.

Thank you for your continued support.

Ms. McGrath

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