The Parent School Support Committee (PSSC) is composed of parent and community members who work in an advisory capacity with the principal and staff. The purpose of the PSSC is for all members to work with the principal to enhance student learning and development, and to enrich the educational experience of all children by increasing family and community involvement. The committee provides the means to facilitate cooperation among, and to articulate the needs and aspirations of, the school community. This collaboration is instrumental in achieving the school's primary goal - ensuring the best possible learning opportunities for students.


 PSSC Meeting Dates

​​Nov. 6th, Dec. 4th, Jan. 8th, Feb. 5th, Mar. 12th, Apr. 2nd, May 14th at 6:30 pm

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Community Member ​
Parent Member​ ​Sherri Galbraith
Melissa King
​Amanda Doherty
Andrew Metcalfe
Kristen Murphy

Trevor McCabe

Pam Jackson

​Nathan Doherty

Aideen Arseneau

Adam Doherty

SHanna Higgins

Chris Weaver

DEC Representative ​Gerry Mabey
Teacher Representative ​Shari Carey

Principal                    Victoria Moseley