Parents play an active role in the life of our school, volunteering in many areas including, the Hot Lunch Program, SOS program, reading with students, Chess Club, Scholastic Book Fairs, Santa’s Workshop, Teacher Appreciation Week, field trips and the Library Program.  The school has sponsored  initiatives to inform parents about its educational programs. These have included a Parent Orientation Evening, curriculum information sessions such as Literacy Night, Math Games Evenings, and the Safe Arrival Program, School Connects and and our school website.

Our Parent Involement Commitytee meets monthly in the staff room. Meetings are open to the public. This parent group has sponsored a number of high profile events during the year, including Scholastic Book Fairs, Winter Carnival, and fund raising.  Regular monthly meetings are held on alternating Mondays and Wednesdays.  The Saint Rose School Parent Involvement Committee  has funded many projects including purchasing Smart Boards, playground equipment, basketballs and nets, books, athletic sports jerseys and Hush-Ups for the chairs to reduce distractng noises. It has also sponsored school presentations from Science East.

President - Royce Barton
Secretary - Susie Dignam
Treasurer - Tina O'Neill