Saint Rose is a K-5 school on the west side of the City of Saint John, New Brunswick with a student population of 240.

In October 1959, the cornerstone for the present school was laid by Bishop A. B. Leverman, Bishop of the Diocese of Saint John.  In September 1960, the new school building located at Manawagonish Road, site of the former Ready property, was open for classes.  By the end of the school year 1982-83, a music room, library, science lab and art room enhanced the lower level of the school. Later, two new classrooms were added to this level.
In the school year 1991-92, Saint Rose received their first two kindergarten classes. By the school year 1993-94, Saint Rose welcomed their first French Immersion class at grade seven.
During the 1995-96 academic year, Saint Rose Parish completed major renovations to the building. At that time, new lighting was installed throughout the school, extensive tile work was completed in the classrooms, as well as the gymnasium. New windows were installed throughout the school.
Saint Rose Parish offers an after-school Day Care Centre in the Monsignor Osborne section of the school.
April 2001 saw the official opening of the elevator (chair lift) at the school. This was a joint venture between the Province of New Brunswick and Saint Rose Parish.
In 2006 the school put in a new playground as part of a joint project between Kaboom!, Home Depot and many hardworking teachers, parents and volunteers. Over the following year the playground was expanded to include a section with wheel chair access.
Today Saint Rose School continues with the goal of providing its students a quality education in a caring environment.


For everyones safety and best interest...

  • No students are permitted to enter school without permission before the morning bell.
  • During inclement weather students are to wait in the corridor but not in the classrooms. K-2 students wait in the gym. Grades 3-5 students wait on the top floor.
  • The instructional day begins at 8:30. Parents are asked to make every effort to drop off students before this time to reduce classroom disruption.
  • Students exit and enter through the side doors. Students do not enter through the front door.
  • No jackets, hats, walkmans, game boys, electrical devices (cell phones), gum or whiteout in class.
  • When students are sick they are to come to the Principal's office or Vice-Principal's office. Students are not permitted to call home on their own or leave the school without permission
  • Students are to eat in their own classrooms. In inclement weather, students are to stay in their classrooms or participate in noon activities.
  • Students are not permitted to leave school grounds during hours of operations.
  • Smoking is not permitted on school property.
  • Students who take part in extra-curricular activities do so based on their overall performance in the areas of academics, attendance and general attitude and behavior.
  • During fire drills, students are to exit as per the room exit plan. See the notice in each classroom. Students are to walk quickly but are not to run.
  • Students are not permitted to use the pay phone during classroom time. The phone in the secretary's office is a business phone and the students are asked not to use this phone.
  • No student is allowed in any room unless there is an adult supervisor present.
  • All students are expected to wear appropriate clothing to school.
  • All students are asked to have proper footwear for physical education.
  • We encourage the use of common sense at Saint Rose. Remember keep your hands, feet and mouth to yourself.