Entreprenurial Adventure (EA), under the direction of Eric Estabrooks, partnered with Saint Rose School K-Kids to create Fun Fitness Bags. The purpose of this opportunity was to teach students business skills of creating a marketable product, advertising and sales of their chosen item in conjunction with our busness partner, Rob Scott Insurance. All proceeds were donated to Pro-Kids to enable children to attend athletic clubs that they would not have had the opportunity in which to partake without funding.

The Learning Partnership’s Regional Entrepreneurial Adventure (EA) Program has been designed to instill a sense of entrepreneurial spirit in children from kindergarten to Grade 12. It is the goal of the program to harness local resources and to provide students with a foundation of knowledge that will allow them to envision, create and operate their own entrepreneurial undertakings. 

Saint Rose K-Kids Executive with Mrs. Elliott and Mrs. Leger created Fitness Bags which included a pedometer and water bottle in a recycled lunch bag under the direction of Eric Estabrooks, EA Coordinator. Students created, marketed and sold their product with direction from EA business partner, Rob Scott Insurance. Students then attended a Bank of Montreal EA Showcase in Fredericton.