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June 16
ASD-S School Calendar 2016-17


August             29        Administration Day for Staff
                        30-31   Council Days for Staff
September       1          Administration Day for Staff
5          Labour Day – No Classes
6          All Kindergarten children will enter school through a staggered entry process on September 6 and 7 with half of the students attending on the 6th and half on the 7th.  All kindergarten children attend on September 8th.  Schools will be in touch with parents with their scheduled time.
All grades 1-5 students attend on September 6.
For all middle and high school students there will be a “transition day” with grades 6 and 9 only attending on Sept. 6. 
Grades K-8 schools will not have a Grade 6 transition day.  Grades 6-12 schools will not have a Grade 9 transition day and Grades K-12 schools will have neither Grades 6 or 9 transition days as these days are intended for students who will be starting middle or high school in a different building.
            7          Classes for all students K-12 in the District
October           6-7       Professional Learning Days for Staff – No Classes
10        Thanksgiving Day – No Classes
November       11        Remembrance Day – No Classes
                        25        Parent Teacher Student Conferences K-12 – No Classes
December        23        Last Day of First Term – half day of classes
January          9          Professional Learning Day for Staff – No Classes
                        10        First Day for Students
                        23-27   High School Exam Week (Grades 9-12)
                        30-31    Turnaround Days (Grades 9-12 only – No Classes)
February         1          Start of Second Semester                    
                        24        Professional Learning Day for Staff – No Classes      
March             6-10     March Break – No Classes
                        31        Grades K-12 Parent Teacher Student Conferences – No Classes
April                14        Good Friday – No Classes
17        Easter Monday – No Classes
28        Professional Learning Day for Staff – No Classes
May                 4          Saint John Education Centre only – AEFNB & NBTA Meetings - No Classes
5          Provincial Council Day – No Classes
                        8          St. Stephen Education Centre only – NBTA Meeting - No Classes     
                        19        Hampton Education Centre only - AEFNB & NBTA Meeting - No Classes
                        22        Victoria Day – No Classes
June                12-16   High School Exam Week (Grades 9-12)
                        23        Last Day for Students
                        26-27   Administration Days for Staff


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