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Education Support Services Department
An inclusive education system supports the learning of each student in inclusive settings through 21st century pedagogical strategies, methods, accommodations, and approaches that are effective and respectful and encourages high expectations and achievement for each.  Every child is unique. Our ESS team strives to meet the needs of all of our students here at St. Malachy’s.  Every student’s strengths, abilities, and learning needs will be recognized as his/her foundation for learning.  Each student’s challenges will be identified, understood, and accommodated.  We will act as the advocate for your child to ensure his or her success. 

The ESS Resource Role includes coaching, co-teaching, intervention, planning, assessment, collaborative integrated support, differentiated instruction and helping to build capacities through support for students and teachers.
Roz Richard
SPR Education Support Services Department



                        Cynthia Ashfield                   Karen Pattman                      Jon Dauphinee                  David Baker​                   Joanne Hunter

Educational Assistants

Jenna Dobbelsteyn    Sharleen Gould   Heidi Mitchell     Amanda Button      Mai-Liss Keirstead

       Todd Collins       Heather Barrieau     Kirsten Kirkpatrick      Jeremy Tytler      Dawn Miller

Amy Baker      Wendy Braman      Tina Sansom    Tyler McLaughlin-Bailey    Stephanie Reardon

Brandi Clayton   Jolene Whalen     Michelle Tait    Danielle Coisch    Erinn McLaughlin

Steve Martin     Andrew Nickerson    Bonnie Ferguson     Kristen Hogenbirk   Brianne Warden

Educational Support Teachers:  Guidance


               Jennifer Craft               Stacey Currie    

Our caring and knowledgeable Guidance Counselors are Ms. Jennifer Craft and Ms. Stacey Currie. Guidance Counselors provide both intervention and prevention service for personal, social, educational, and career-related issues. Tasks such as timetabling, university and college applications, graduation, career planning, personal counseling, new student registration, maintenance of student records, liaison with feeder schools, etc. are also functions of the office. They also provide information about scholarships and financial assistance, as well as job search techniques, developing and maintaining resumes and information about the job market. Counselors identify at-risk students and ensure that programs are put in place to match these students? needs. Counselors work in conjunction with the ESS Resource Department, teachers and other support staff, and the Administrative Team to ensure a quality high school experience for each student.


Here are some websites that students will find useful:
Awesome new website from the Forestry Sector!
Watch the YouTube video to explore careers in Forestry and Wildlife Management. Boom de ah da!
Website is Watch the video and more at this link Tree TV !
Career Cruising
What is the right career for you? Not sure? Go to .
You can set up your own portfolio to save and manage your career search.
Ask your teachers or a Guidance Counsellor for the User Name and Password to get started.
Searching for career information? Want to know the educational requirements
for a particular career? Or maybe you want to know how to pay for your education. Check out
New Brunswick Student Loans
Information is available at . Applications for 2009-2010
should be available after May 1.
Student Employment and Experience Development Program (SEED)
Grade 12 students interested in summer employment should register for the SEED
Program. Applications are available at the Guidance Centre.
Apprenticeship Information
Here is a link to information on the Apprenticeship Incentive Grant which is meant to help apprentices cover some of the costs of tuition, travel, and tool costs and it is also meant as an incentive to complete the apprenticeship program.
At the bottom of the linked page, there is information on tax credits available through the Canada Revenue Agency for employers and apprentices: Apprenticeship Job Creation Tax Credit - a new tax credit for employers who hire apprentices
Tradesperson's Tools Deduction - a new deduction of up to $500 to trades people for the cost of tools used for work


Karen Pattman​Karen Pattman​Karen Pattman​Karen Pattman​

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