Seaside Park Elementary School
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PSSC  Roles & Responsibilities

Role of PSSC

  • Advise the Principal on the establishment, implementation and monitoring of the School Improvement Plan 
  • Participate in the selection of the Principal and Vice-Principal(s) 
  • Review results of the School Report Card 
  • Advise principal in development of school policies in accordance with district, and provincial policies 
  • Provide on request of the Superintendent, input on performance evaluation of the principal, vice-principal(s) relating to the PSSC 
  • Communicate with the District Education Council (DEC) relating to PSSC.  

Responsibilities of Members

  • Participate in all committee meetings

  • Maintain high ethical standards

  • Respect other Committee members

  • Work collectively toward improved education development, student achievement

  • Limit discussion to matters of concern, in the best interest of the whole school community

  • Work for a positive consensus-building school environment

  • Support open communication

  • Create and strengthens successful relations between parents, teachers, students, school staff, community

  • Encourage all forms of parental involvement and support;

  • Follow principles established by the Committee to achieve goals and objectives identified in the School Improvement Plan

  • Encourages parents to support education  

2017-2018  Committee Members

Steve Green​ (Chair)
Lori Anderson
Shyan Bogle
Shane Cassidy
Jen Darcey
Tiffany Foster
Jill LaViolette
Gina Matheson
Tasha McAuley
Keith Melvin
Jennifer Peterson
Heather Short
Doug Thomson
Jessica Vihvelin
Thank you to our members for choosing to remain on the PSSC for Seaside Park Elementary to finish their 3 year term.  These members are a combination of PSSC members from Seawood, Havelock and St. Pat’s.  This will be an asset to our school as the members are bringing lots of experience with them.  A chair for our PSSC will be determined in September.