Seaside Park Elementary School

Seaside Park Elementary

627 Havelock St.

Saint John, N.B.

E2M 2V4

Message from Principal
At Seaside Park Elementary School, we believe that students are at the heart of the choices and decisions that we make on a daily basis. We strive to ensure that our students are safe, respected and happy members of our school community. When our students feel a positive connection to their school, they are ready to learn and achieve to the best of their ability.
We have a dedicated Staff that always puts students first.   They put their hearts into teaching and helping our students to be challenged, encouraged, and excited to learn!  They work hard to make Seaside Park Elementary a warm and friendly place, while at the same time maintaining high standards for student learning and behavior.
Our goal is to help your child to be successful in school and to acquire the skills necessary to be successful in life. This goal can best be accomplished through a strong partnership between the teacher and the parent. We believe that our parent community is an equally important part of the success of our students and school.  We encourage parents to participate in the daily learning activities of their child by talking to their child about their learning and openly communicating with their child's teacher. There are also many other opportunities for parents to connect with the school by being active members of the PSSC, Home and School, attending school events, and parent-teacher interviews.
We look forward to working together to make Seaside Park Elementary a great place to learn. I know that together we can make a difference in the lives of our children and we can ensure success for all students.  The partnership of parents, teachers, students and community will help students attain their educational goals. 
I am very proud to be the principal of Seaside Park Elementary School.  I have an open door policy to ensure that there is effective communication between all Seaside Park community members.    I am looking forward to meeting many of you in the near future.
Michelle Deschênes

Phone: 506-658-2729

Fax:  506-658-2742