Seaside Park Elementary School
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 School Hours:
7:50-8:05                        Drop Off
                                                                        8:05-8:15                        Students enter the school and get ready for class
                                   8:15                                 Classroom Instruction starts
                                  9:15-9:45                        Grades K and 1 recess/snack
                                  9:45-10:15                      Grades 2 and 3 snack/recess
                                 10:15-10:45                    Grades 4 and 5 snack/recess
                                      11:15-12:15                   Grades K and 1 (lunch/ Outside)
                                     11:45-12:45                   Grades 2 and 3 (lunch/Outside)
                                     12:15-1:15                     Grades 4 and 5 (lunch/Outside)
                                                                                   1:50                                K-2 Dismissal (Bus/ Pick-Up, Walkers @ Basketball Court)
                                                                                   2:50                                3-5 Dismissal (Bus/ Pick-Up, Walkers @ Basketball Court) 
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​                                                                    Michelle Deschênes (Principal)                 Jocelyn Myatt (Vice-Principal)         
Seaside Park Elementary
627 Havelock St.
Saint John, N.B.
E2M 2V4
Phone: 506-658-2729
Fax:  506-658-2742​
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