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February 28
Course Registration

​There are 2 new courses being added to our schedule for next year. Check out these links before you make your final course registration selections.

Entrepreneurship CO-OP

Metals Processing 110​

February 28
Spring Performance Task Schedule (April 5 - 13, 2017)



​ Schedule​

Wednesday, April 5 ​1 ​2, 1, 1, Lunch, 4, 5
​Thursday, April 6 ​2 ​3, 2, 2, Lunch, 5, 4
Friday, April 7
​3 ​1, 3, 3, Lunch, 4, 5
Monday, April 10 ​4 ​1, 2, 3, Lunch, 4, 4
Wednesday, April 12 ​5 ​1, 2, 3, Lunch, 5, 5
Students should consult with their subject teachers for specifics about their Spring Performance Task. 
The final deadline for Major Summative Assessments from the term is Thursday, April 13.
February 20
Yearbook Sales – End February 28

Yearbook orders must be received by Tuesday, February 28.  There will not be extras available for purchase in June – they must be preordered. 

Books are $60, and orders can be placed in Room 210 at lunch, or online at

Thank you for your cooperation as we try to minimize the cost of extra books absorbed by the school (and it would make Tyler really happy… J).



February 17
NBTAP Applications

The New Brunswick Teen Apprentice Program (NBTAP) is recruiting Grade 10 and 11 students for Summer 2017 skilled trade pre-apprentice work opportunities with employers throughout New Brunswick. Applications will be accepted from February 1 to March 17.

Interested? To learn more about NBTAP:

§  Check out for more information about the program and potential work placements available in your region;


§  Watch the Could This Be You? video to see how NBTAP could help you get a head start on a great career in the skilled trades;


§  Follow NBTAP on Facebook (/NBTAP.PAJNB), Twitter (@NBTAP_PAJNB), or Instagram (@nbtap_pajnb); or


§  Talk to your NBTAP School Champion.”​

February 17
PSSC Event - It Takes A Village To Raise A Teen: Drug Awareness


The Parent School Support Committees

of the 4 Saint John area high schools are pleased to present



It Takes a Village to Raise a Teen

 Drug Awareness:

What Every Parent Needs to Know!



Monday, February 27th, 2017 (7:00 - 8:30PM)

St. Malachy's Memorial High School Auditorium 

(Snow date: Thursday, March 2nd)


Topics Include:

The Drug Environment in Saint John

  • What is out there, what does it look like, what does it do, how are teens getting it?
    • Community Services Unit, Saint John Police Force

What Happens to the Brain?

  • Marijuana use and its effect on the developing youth brain
    • Dr. Tunde, Psychiatrist specializing in youth addictions

A Personal Story

  • The journey from drug dependency to recovery
    • Nathalie, a 2015 graduate of Portage Atlantic, a drug rehabilitation centre


For more information contact us at


Our next presentation is planned for May 4th, 2017:

Youth Anxiety - What Parents Can Do


December 05
January 2017 Final Exam Schedule



Friday, January 13th is the final deadline for major summative assignments.

As per our assessment policy, some assignments may already be past due and may not be submitted. Students are encouraged to discuss their individual situation with their classroom teacher.





Monday, January 23rd


8:45 AM arrival for 9:00 AM start

Tuesday, January 24th


8:45 AM arrival for 9:00 AM start

Tuesday, January 24th


12:45PM arrival for 1:00 PM start

Wednesday, January 25th


8:45 AM arrival for 9:00 AM start

Thursday, January 26th


8:45 AM arrival for 9:00 AM start

Friday, January 27th

Snow Date


Should any of the above dates be cancelled due to snow, the entire schedule moves forward by one day.

Monday, January 30th

Tuesday, January 31st

No School For Students


Turn Around Days

November 10
St. Malachy’s Remembers

Our annual Remembrance Day ceremony is part of the tradition that shapes and defines St. Malachy's Memorial High School. The "Memorial" in our school's name serves as a lasting testimony to the young men from St. Vincent's Boys School who died in World War II.

A plaque in the school's foyer, presented by the Class of 1987, commemorates those 38 boys who lost their lives while serving Canada. Graduates and members of the St. Malachy's family continue to serve our country through active duty in our Armed Forces and in their service as peacekeepers throughout the world. Today, we had the honour of having one of those in active service join us.

Lieutenant-Colonel Warren Smith graduated from St. Malachy's in 1987. He enrolled in the Army Reserve in high school, was commissioned as an officer in the Royal Canadian Artillery in 1994, and is currently employed at the 5th Canadian Division Headquarters in Halifax. We thank Lieutenant-Colonel Smith for his attendance today, and for his decades of service.















November 03
NBIAA presents “National Jersey Day”



Show your support for school sport across Canada!


Wear your jersey to school / work!



NBIAA and School Sport Canada are supporting Friday, November 4th as a national day to show your love and support for sport by wearing a sport jersey to school, work, or play.


From municipal council chambers to office buildings and classrooms across the nation, we envision a sea of Canadians wearing their hearts on their sleeves on National Jersey Day.





Join the high school sport associations from across Canada to show your support for sport and to spread the word in your school!



October 10
STM Girls Hockey 2016-2017

STM Girls Hockey Team 2016 2017


Taylor Baxter                       Sarah LeBlanc

Becca Ring                           Tessa Bolduc

Lauren Delaney                    Tiffany Arthurs

Haley Keenan                       Julia Evans

Morgan MacDonald               Victoria McCaig

Kate Flanagan                      Katherine Lamey

Julia Adamson                      Brittany Vautour

Kristen Adamson                  Hailey Wills


October Pre Season Schedule

Oct 14th:                               4:45-5:45                              Practice        Belyea

Oct 16th                                 7:00 – 8:00                           Practice        LBR

Oct 21st:                                4:45-5:45                              Practice        Belyea

Oct 23rd                                6:15-7:45                              Practice or Ex Game        Peter Murray

Oct 28th                                 4:45-5:45                              Practice        Belyea

Oct 30th                                 6:15-7:45                              Practice or Ex Game        Peter Murray​

October 07
Boys Hockey Team

STM Boys Hockey  2016-2017

Matt Beers                                          Matt Thompson

Connor Clark                                       Matt Dignam

Ciaran Edgecombe                             Brad LeBlanc

Cameron Barry                                   Jack Flynn

Bayne Campbell                                  Noah McCormick

Bailey Sullivan                                     Jake Losier

Alex Clark                                            MacKenzie Comeau

David Thorne                                      Bryston Foster-Gibson

Dawson Griffin                                    Noah LeBlanc

Josh Duffy

Riley Lester

Mitch Mills

Tyson Garnett


October Pre Season Schedule Below

Oct 12th:          7:45-8:45         Practice                       LBR

Oct 16th:          6:15-7:15         Practice                       Peter Murray

Oct 17th:          4:15-5:15         Practice                       Peter Murray

Oct 19th           6:15-7:15         Practice                       LBR

Oct 23rd           7:00- 8:00        Practice                       LBR

Oct 24th           4:15-5:15         Practice                       LBR

Oct 26th           6:15-7:15         Practice                       LBR

Oct 30th           STM @ HHS     Game                          Hampton High School {5:00 Warm Up}


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