Saint John Vocational School/Harbour View High School Alumni Association


The alumni association was first organized in 1928 with the dual purpose of maintaining the friendships of school days and promoting the interests of the school. The alumni was almost inactive for several years until, under the leadership of Bill Joyce (former vice-principal) and others, the alumni was revived and reorganized. Throughout the 1980s the alumni was instrumental in the retention and repairs of the school. It remains the objective of the alumni to promote, maintain and preserve the heritage of the school and to contribute to the ongoing success of the school and its students. 

In 1997 the school adopted a new direction. After the graduation of the last Saint John Vocational School class, the school's name was changed to Harbour View High School. With the new name came the beginning of a new relationship. Linked by having attended school in the same building, the decision was made to change the name of the association to SJVS/HVHS Alumni Association. This change was made and signed on July 11, 2002.

With a strong desire to preserve the heritage of Saint John Vocational School (1926-1997), the alumni embarked on a project to have both the auditorium and the library dedicated to the memory of the school's first two directors. As of October 16, 2001, the auditorium is now known as the Saint John Vocational Memorial Auditorium in memory of Dr. Fletcher Peacock, the school's first director. The library is now known as the Saint John Vocational Memorial Library in memory of Dr. W. B. Main, the school's second director.

The alumni raise money for many causes, including student scholarships. They have helped with choir travel, individual student needs, Encounter with Canada Program, Youth Challenge International, Aboriginal Students Exchange and the restoration of Fred Willard's mural, amongst other endeavors. An oak wall clock, which does double-duty as a time capsule, was crafted by a former student, Lloyd Bartlett. It is on display in the library where the alumni host an annual reception for graduation presenters. The alumni also host a reception for the graduates and their parents after the ceremony.

Money has been raised through membership dues, variety shows, fashion shows, seasonal basket draws, and a cook book sale, amongst other fundraisers. The alumni also produce a newsletter, “Along the Avenue”. 

It is the hope of the present alumni to continue to support the school and its students. New members are encouraged to consider joining
their alumni and give back to their school.

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