Our Habour View clothing store is located on the third floor of the school beside 315.  It is open most Thursdays
from 12:45 pm to 1:10 pm during the lunch break. 



BlackBerry 8530 Curve Skin

Price:  $15
IPod Skin.jpg

Apple iPhone Skin

Price: $15

Sports Bag.jpg
Sports Bag

Price:  $15
Adidas Sports Bag.jpg

Adidas Sports Bag


Price:  $40

Maroon Hooded w crest.jpg

Unisex Maroon Hooded Sweatshirt

 Price:  $40

Grey Hooded w Crest.jpg

Unisex Grey Hooded Sweatshirt

 Price:  $55

Unisex Maroon Crested Sweat Shirt.jpg

Unisex Maroon Sweatshirt


Price:  $40

Unisex White Crested Sweat Shirt.jpg

Unisex White Sweatshirt


Price:  $30

Mens Maroon Hooded Sweat Shirt.jpg

Men's Bi-Colour Hooded Sweatshirt


Price:  $45

Mens Track Jacket.jpg 

Men's Bi-Colour Track Jacket


Price:  $65

Women's Bi-colour Hooded Jacket.jpg

Women's Bi-Colour Hooded Jacket


Price:  $65

Maroon Jacket.jpg

Unisex Maroon Jacket

Price: $65


Unisex Pajama Pants.jpg

Unisex Plaid Pajama Pants


Price:  $30

Yoga Pants.jpg

Women's Black Yoga Pants


Price:  $50


Unisex Plaid Shorts


Price:  $20

Mens Campus T.png

Men's Bi-Colour T-shirt


Price:  $30

White T.png

Women's White T-Shirt


Price:  $10

Anti-Bullying T.jpg

Unisex Anti-Bullying T-shirt


Price:  $5

Center Crest T.png

Unisex Center CrestT-shirt


Price:  $10


Corner Crest T.jpg

Unisex Corner Crest T-shirt


Price  $10

Womens Campus T Front.jpgWomens Campus T Back.jpg

Women's Maroon T-shirt


Price:  $30

Womens Manic Sweat Shirt Front.jpg
 Womens Maniac Sweat Shirt Back.jpg

Women's Grey Sweatshirt


 Price:  $40

Maroon Crest Center T.jpg 

Women's Maroon T-shirt


Price:  $13

Womens Long Sleeve T.jpg

Women's Maroon Long- Sleeved T-shirt


Price:  $25

Holloway T.jpg 

Women's Bi-Colour T-shirt


Price:  $30

Maroon Long Sleeve Crested T.jpg

Men's Maroon Long-Sleeved T-shirt


Price:  $30

Unisex Long Sleeve Font.jpg
 Unisex Long Sleeve Back.jpg

Unisex White Long Sleeved T-shirt


Price:  $35

Hat 1 10.jpgHat 2 10.jpg

Various Hats


Price:  $10

Maroon Vikings Hat.jpg

Maroon Viking Hat


Price:  $20

Gray Crested Hat.jpg

Grey Viking Hat


Price:  $14

Winter Hat.jpg

Winter Ski Hat


Price:  $10

Winter Touque.jpg

Winter Toque


Price:  $18

            ​Unisex Sweat Pants.png Unisex Maroon Sweatpants
Price: $32
BiColour Jacket Unisex.JPG
​​Unisex Bi-Colour Jacket 
Price: $65
Hospital Pants.JPG ​​Unisex Maroon Pants 
Price: $40