All Grades Homeroom

HVHS students are grouped by mixed grade level into small homeroom classes of about 17 other students. By placing students of differing grade levels together, students are offered the opportunity to meet and learn from people who they may not have gotten to know otherwise. In addition, our students stay with the same homeroom teacher throughout their high school career. This fosters a student-teacher relationship that emphasizes trust and helps foster a sense of belonging to a wider school community.

Chinese Exchange

Over the past few years, HVHS has participated in several exchange programs — serving as hosts for students visiting from China. These exchanges expose our students to cultures and experiences far removed from their own — they benefit both the host families and the general school population greatly. Teachers and students from HVHS also visit China as a part of this ongoing program over the summer.

Community Garden and Outdoor Classroom

In 2015, Harbour View established a school garden on our grounds. Our ongoing goal is to promote awareness and address issues of food insecurity within our school by teaching students about the benefits of fresh, locally-grown food, help our students make healthier food choices, and increase student nourishment. This school-wide endeavour, managed by Emily Lennon,  is a cross-curricular project of major scale. Students in the following classes participate to varying degrees during the entire year: Environmental Science, Biology, Culinary Technlology, Nutrition and Healthy Living, Cooperative Education, Framing and Sheathing, Metals Processing, Journalism and Photography. Our community volunteers help maintain the garden (last summer, this was 70 volunteers in the community) during the summer months. For more information about our school garden, click here.

Conversational French

This course is designed as a complement to the French Immersion Language Arts 120 course.  The main objective is to further develop oral communication competencies with a view to prepare the grade 12 French Immersion student for the New Brunswick French Second Language Oral Proficiency Assessment. By way of activities, presentations, and discussions, students improve and maintain their study of the French language. The levels of proficiency are Intermediate Plus or better for the Late French Immersion student, and Advanced or better for the Early French Immersion student.

Culinary Technology 

HVHS has a full-time Culinary Technology program lead by Ms. Jacinta Gallagher. Culinary Technology courses teach students the basics of culinary arts and lead into the planning and preparation of fantastic meals that the teachers look forward to all year. This program was featured on CBC radio and is a recognized example of what a culinary program should be!

Forensic Science

For those who are interested in crime and want to fight it scientifically, a local option available to Harbour View students is the study of Forensic Science.  In this course, students learn DNA typing, finger printing, crime scene analysis, and other techniques necessary to solve crime using scientific evidence.  This local option is of particular interest to those who enjoy logical reasoning, putting together the puzzle of what happened, and applying scientific methodology to contribute to answers to that age old question: "What happened?"  

Human Anatomy

This course explores the systems of the human body (Bio 11 & 12) beyond the basics, and delves into the medical aspects associated with each.  Students explore the design of the human body in substantial detail.  This course provides an introduction to educational content associated with pre medicine, the health sciences, and even animal sciences. 

Instrumental Music

Students can choose this course instead of general music in Grade 9. Instead of learning keyboards, students can choose between trumpet, trombone, flute, and clarinet for their focus. Those student then become band members! During the course, students learn proper playing in an instrumental ensemble. Upon completion of the course, all students have the option of joining the HVHS Stage Band. A continuation of this course is offered in Grades 10-12, according to interest.

Introduction to Engineering Technology & Computer Aided Design (CAD)

This two-credit course will be of interest to any students interested in or planning on pursuing a career in the engineering field [Professional or Engineering Technologist]. The course consists of a two-period block. Approximately half the time will be spent on Computer Aided Design [common to all engineering programs] and the other half is spent exploring topics related to engineering. Topics include: types of Engineering, type of work done, entrance requirements, job demographics, guest speakers from mature and recent graduates, and research projects.


This is an elective course intended for students who desire to improve their leadership skills.  The course is designed to enhance students’ abilities to lead proactive and productive lives by reinforcing principles of teamwork, reward/recognition and leadership.  Leadership 120 is both a theoretical and practical course.  The theoretical component will involve direct participation in student leadership organizations.  No prerequisite is required but an application and interview process is necessary. 

Marine BiologyUnderwater Wildlife - public domain - Petr Kratochvil.jpg

The marine environment and more particularly the local dynamics of such ecosystems is studied in this course. Students research organisms that make these areas their habitat, and related factors that impact them. This is done thgouh lecture, laboratory work and hands-on lab activities.  Further discovery takes place during a field trip to St. Andrew's Huntsman Marine Science Centre.  A major focus is how environments are impacted by other environmental forces. Students also study of other marine ecosystems such as coral reefs. 


This course is designed to serve as an introductory to digital photography.  In this course, students learn about the function and capabilities of DSLR cameras, photography techniques and styles, as well as editing and post processing techniques using Adobe Photoshop.  In addition to this, students learn about the history of photography focusing on famous photographers and their influences on society.  Emphasis is placed on artistic expression as well as photo and editing techniques.  Students will need to provide their own camera (preferably one with manual controls, such as a DSLR) to get the most out of this course. ​

Popular Music

This "rockin" course is offered exclusively at HVHS. This course examines popular music from the 1950s to the present. Elvis Presley, Johnny Cash, The Beach Boys, The Beatles, The Rolling Stones, Bob Dylan, Aretha Franklin, Led Zeppelin, Pink Floyd, and Madonna are just a few of the many artists investigated in this course. Many of the social, economic, and political issues associated with rock music and the music business are also explored. This course will surely be a unique and memorable experience in your high school career.


This introductory course offers students an engaging look at the science of psychology. Psychology is the scientific study of behavior and mental processes. We explore a variety of topics including the history of psychology, important thinkers, the brain structure, the conscious experience and more.


Writing is 10% inspiration and 90% perspiration. – Thomas Edison
Take your writing to the next level with this intense Writing course. You’ve participated in NaNoWriMo, now what?  You have pages and pages of unedited poetry and short fiction and now you wonder how to make it better? You’re interested in getting published? Writing 120 is a workshop course that encourages students to share their work with others and polish it until it gleams. (Prerequisite Writing 110) 


This course introduces students to the ancient tradition of yoga in its various forms and styles. The main outcome of this course is to develop healthy relationships with self, others and the earth.  The intention is for students to develop a lifelong personal practice of yoga not only to maintain exceptional physical condition but also to develop healthy relationships with self and others.  Yoga 110 consists of research and activities both in oral and written form.  There are self-assessments, creative writing, asana practice and postures, discussions self-reflection and journal writing. Students are expected to have appropriate clothing for the practice of yoga for this course.  The purchase of a yoga mat is not necessary, but is recommended.

Young Adult Literature 

This course addresses the question: does young adult literature have merit? By examining some of literature’s most well-known young adult classics, as well as current popular YA fiction, this course will appeal to avid readers who enjoy introspective writing and lively discussion. We will take a look at some of the most popular genres in YA literature: dystopian, realistic, supernatural, novels written in verse etc.